Our Values

Reassurity Inc holds a strong belief in corporate contribution, transparent and thriving business relationships, as well as the development of our society. We are committed to providing the highest possible standards to deliver value for our clients, shareholders, employees and our community – ultimately supporting growth and prosperity.

Working alongside leading Global Reinsurers, we provide risk management services and protection in various sectors. We firmly believe that our success is fuelled by the resilience of businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. Through adversity, we find strength and solutions that allow for the stead-fast growth of our surroundings and socio-economic climate.

Pillars against perils…

By means of propelling our mission as a corporate entity, we as a group, uphold three core values that remain at the forefront of our work and keep us firmly grounded. Through these values, we maintain our dedication and purpose not only in daily operations, but also through a multitude of strategic partnerships that share similar values.


Giving Back

We remain committed to giving back to neighbouring shelters, schools, hospitals and social rehabilitation programs in our community. We strongly support the notion of balanced social progression through volunteer work, consistent outreach and various charitable efforts executed by our partners and corporate team.

Reassurity is pleased to announce the development of a new Charitable Foundation that will be launching in the fall of 2022. Please check back on this page for further updates. 

values - giving back


Our transparency is our ability. We put trust at the heart of each one of our relationships. We seek to be your partner of choice, while steadily generating profitable growth through long-term partnership and a strong vision for the future.

values - transparency

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in inclusion through representation. Reassurity is led by a structured governance framework, overseen by a Board of Directors of varying backgrounds with decades of expertise, including hundreds of employees and partners that make up a dynamic and diverse Corporation.

values - diversity and inclusion

Our offering:

Leading expertise

Leading expertise in all facets of specialty risk; from product design, to pricing, claims management and business monitoring.

Sustainable partnerships

Reinsurance through sustainable, loyal and long-term strategic partnerships, founded on trust and transparent contractual agreements.

Custom solutions

With the capacity to curate custom solutions, products and services, we assist our clients in saving time and help them feel secure in their day-to-day operational ventures and business transactions.