Third Party Warranty Administration and Risk Assessment

Tailored to your needs…

Reassurity offers extended privatized management contracts and tailor-made services to its partners and clients, serving as a leading Third-Party Administrator and Risk Assessor.

With our exceptionally wide range of partnerships and risk management solutions, our skilled professionals are happy to work with you to create new products that help meet your specific needs. In every case, we provide clients with a fast, responsive service. Our products are well designed and strategically implemented so that ultimately, they augment your annual profits and optimize your client retention base.

GAP Insurance Canada
Third Party Warranty Administrator

Privately Managed Secure Portal

All active claims are conducted through a secured portal privately managed and administered by Reassurity, making it a user-friendly and streamlined process for all policyholders and industry partners. We stay ahead of the claims administration challenges facing today’s insurers and reinsurers, by developing efficient processes governed by an experienced Board of Directors.


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