Leading The Standard In Brokerage Administration and Specialty Risk Management Across Canada And The United-States

With experience and expertise developed over 25 years, Reassurity has become a leader in strategic planning, innovative risk management solutions, and brokerage administration in the corporate and business world. Our expertise lies in developing tailor-made solutions for medium to large corporations, the automotive industry, as well as financial institutions; helping reduce loss ratios, increase annual sales revenue and maintain client retention.

Operating under a structured governance framework, we offer the ability to develop and administer various types of contracts underwritten by any insurance firm globally, while strategically maintaining your risk portfolio.

Proudly licensed to offer brokerage administration services across Canada and the U.S


Leading expertise

Leading expertise in all facets of specialty risk; from product design, to pricing, claims management and business monitoring.

Sustainable partnerships

Reinsurance through sustainable, loyal and long-term strategic partnerships, founded on trust and transparent business agreements. 

Custom solutions

With the capacity to curate custom solutions, products and services, we assist our clients in saving time and help them feel secure in their day-to-day operational ventures.


Nurturing strategic relationships

“Reassurity walks towards the horizon so that its sustainability is not based on trends, but innovation.”

Director & Senior Chairman of the Board, Reassurity Inc